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Assured Stairlifts - Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for information for the first time, we recommend reading through each of these sections in the order in which they are presented.

Click here for a Stairlift Comparison Table.The table shows the available features and dimensions of some of our popular models. Also please have a look at the other pages of our website where there are further details of specific makes and models. And if you don’t find what you are looking for, please visit our contact page and let us know.

A. Stairlifts can be installed in some narrow and winding staircases. Many stairlift models have a compact carriage and rail projecting only 20inches from the wall and have folding arms, seat and footrest giving only a 12 or 13 inch depth from the wall when folded. Others are also well suited to negotiating bends, intermediate landings and corridors. This does depend on the size and height of the user. To give yourself a rough guide; if possible have the user sit in a dining room chair, sideways on, at the bottom of the staircase, and see if their knees are close to the opposite wall. Though this is purely a rough guide; if in any doubt please contact us or Tel. 0800 00 15 444 or: 0808 16 00 210.

A. The stairlift rail is fitted directly to the tread of the stairs and not to the wall. Attachments are made through the floor covering of the stairs via shoes, or cleats, and there are normally 3 or 4 cleats to a straight staircase. If, or when, the stairlift is removed, there will be no damage left to the staircase.

A. Reconditioned models for straight stairs usually vary from about £795 to about £1,295. Curved rail stairlifts vary depending on the complexity of the bends in the stairs, but usually start from about £2,895. Please have a look at our price list and contact us or telephone 0800 0015444 or 0808 16 00210 for a free quotation.

A. Most models have a low voltage motor powered by a sealed battery unit of 24v-26v, or low power AC electric motors making the running cost un-noticeable.

A. This should be a straight measurement from the nose of the top step to the floor, at the foot of the stairway. Please refer to the diagram on the attached document (click here).

A. Reconditioned quality stairlifts made by top brands like stannah are excellent value for money as they are built to last. For example, Stannah’s latest top of the range Solus/Sofia sell new for around £3000. Assured Stairlifts supply these for under £1200 after reconditioning. The Stannah Saxon model is also around £2600 new, but Assured Stairlifts supply these from £875 reconditioned. These prices include delivery, installation and 12 months guarantee with on site call out service included 365 days a year. Buying reconditioned also helps save the enviroment and the future of our planet! For more information or a quote please telephone 0800 0015444.

A. Some companies only offer a 6 months warranty. New or small companies will not be able to offer the important ’24 hour call out service’. In the unfortunate event of a breakdown you may be left without service. Always be wise, as the old saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’ which could be dangerous goods,poorly fitted and unsafe to use. All our prices include a 12 months guarantee and 24 hour call out. All our stairlifts we supply are cleaned, tested and have new wiring & batteries. We also fit any parts required so you can rest assured your stairlift will be safe and reliable for many years to come.


A. Normally, if you purchase a reconditioned straight stairlift, it can be fitted in about 2-1 days. Some companies offer a faster installation should your case be urgent. However, should your stairlift need to be a curved rail model, the installation lead time will be longer, being approximately 1 to 5 weeks as the rail is custom made for your property.

A. A stairlift can normally be installed within an hour or two. Curved stairlifts usually take an hour or so longer. With Assured Stairlifts’ engineers there will be no fuss or mess. All carry vacuum cleaners and will clean up, test your stairlift thoroughly, and demonstrate how to operate it.

A. Most models have an easy to use toggle switch on one of the arm-rests. Some have two large buttons for up and down. Either type of control requires a ‘constant-pressure’ to activate. At the end of the journey, the lift will stop automatically and most provide an audible sound.

A. Most installations have call-and-send remote controls either hand-held or wall-mounted or both. One located at the top of the stairs and the other at the bottom. Please note: many stairlift companies charge extra for these. Assured Stairlifts offer these as a free extra on installation should they be required (excluding some outdoor models).

A. Most models are almost silent.

A. Wiring connects from a point on the stairlift rail to the nearest available plug point. Our engineers will do their best to conceal the wiring as neatly as possible.

A. With a mains powered lift, the stairlift will stop. Most modern stairlifts are DC powered. If the mains power supply fails then batteries will power the lift for about seven or eight trips. A battery powered stairlift will only stop if the batteries become flat at any time. Stairlifts have warning indicators when a battery is low but charge automatically when the lift is parked over a charging point, usually at the top and bottom of the staircase.

A. Connection is normally to the nearest 13amp socket.

A. Most stairlifts now employ D.C. power with battery packs housed within the stairlift, or mounted on the wall nearby. The battery pack recharges when the stairlift is in its parked position.

A. Any form of obstruction at the foot of the stairs will probably have to be moved, but see below regarding doors and hinged tracks.

A. The bottom couple of feet of track can be hinged to fold upwards out of the way. A hinged track can be either manually raised and lowered, or powered.

A. Normally a stairlift is limited to 19 stones, but there are various heavy-duty options available to carry up to 25 stones.

A. A curved stairlift will be the safest and easiest to use option. We can also supply straight Acorn/Brooks stairlifts with transfer platforms to some fan top staircases, please contact our office on 0800 0015444.

A. Our stairlift packages include a high quality stairlift, with a 12 month warranty including parts and call out, connection to power, swivel seat, two remote controls, lap safety belt and a key switch to immobilise the stairlift (to prevent unauthorised use) as standard.

A. Most models of stairlifts have an option for a powered, motorised, swivel seat.

A. Yes, all stairlifts fold flat against the wall when not in use and track rails extend less than 1ft out from the wall. Also, when a stairlift is not in use, it will be parked at either the top or bottom of the stairs (though curved rail stairlifts can be set to park on the bend, if required).

A. Give us a call and we’ll offer a buy back price for your stairlift. As we supply reconditioned stairlifts, we are always interested in buying lifts back. Your stairlift may need to be inspected by one of our engineer to enable us to make a fair offer.

A. This might be a cheaper option if the stairlift is required temporarily.

A. Certain Mobility Aids including Stairlifts are VAT free, providing that a VAT Exemption Form is filled in at the time of purchase.